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Kevin McComber
Spark Photonics Foundation Founder and Executive Director

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“We created Spark Photonics Foundation to expand the talent pipeline in photonics, especially among underserved and underrepresented populations, as we witnessed the dearth of diversity in the field firsthand. We quickly realized this is an issue that transcends the bounds of photonics to include semiconductor manufacturing as well; we now aim to broaden the field of STEM by providing a wide array of young people with engaging, real-world experiences in advanced manufacturing, particularly in the fields of photonics and semiconductors.”

Why Spark Photonics Foundation?

Focused Education: We specialize in STEM education outreach programs that captivate students and professionals alike, bringing the excitement of cutting-edge technologies to classrooms.


Future-Forward: Our initiatives aim to bridge the workforce gap by nurturing curiosity and fostering practical skills in integrated photonics, semiconductors, advanced manufacturing, quantum information systems, and entrepreneurship.

Empowering Exploration: Spark Photonics Foundation goes beyond traditional teaching methods, emphasizing hands-on experiences and project-based learning to create industry and education pathways, shaping a brighter future for STEM enthusiasts.

Spark Photonics Foundation's mission is to engage students with high-quality STEM education and outreach through real-world applications in the fields of photonics, semiconductors, and advanced manufacturing, with the aim of empowering them to pursue fulfilling careers and become solvers of tomorrow’s challenges.


Founded by Dr. Kevin McComber in response to the shortage of STEM talent, our non-profit status solidifies our commitment to accessible and impactful STEM education.


Our team is a diverse blend of professionals that brings a wealth of experience to the table. From seasoned educators to industry experts, each member is committed to sparking curiosity, inspiring innovation, and shaping the future of STEM education.

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